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Better to live a tiger

The philosophy ‘Better to live a day as a tiger than a lifetime as a sheep’ expressed by Tippo Sahib, the warrior ruler of Mysore, is definitely not theirs. Their ‘anything for a quiet life’ mentality means that they become a pushover for anybody more determined, self-righteous or assertive. This attitude inevitably leads to the mentality of the

Acupuncture equilibrium

The goal of the practitioner is to achieve equilibrium between all the Elements. In the Ling Shu it says: ‘The principles of needling dictate that needling should stop as soon as qi is brought into harmony’

It is necessary to promote the flow of qi and blood according to the laws of mutual victories among the Five Elements in order to strike a balance among them and bring about peace.

Wood Fire Earth Metal Water Colour green red yellow white blue Sound shouting laughing singing weeping groaning Emotion anger joy sympathy/worry grief fear Odour rancid scorched fragrant rotten putrid Season spring summer late summer autumn/fall winter Climate wind heat humidity dryness cold Taste sour bitter sweet pungent salty Power growth maturity harvest decrease storage

Seasons and human

For many Daoists and Naturalists virtually no distinction was made between the nature of the seasons, the climate resonant with each season and the cyclical changes taking place in the human, animal and vegetable worlds. In plants the never-ending cycle of growth, flowering, harvest, decline and storing informed them of the differing qualities of each season. The behaviour of animals and humans in each season was also seen to be governed by the same laws. Men have no choice but to go by this succession; officials have no choice but to operate according to these powers. For such are the calculations of heaven. (Tung Chung-shu, –135; quoted in

5element wu sing

Element is a process, movement or quality of qi, not a fixed ‘building block’ (Rochat, 2009, p. 13; Kaptchuk, 2000 , p. 437; Maciocia, 1989, p. 15; Needham, 1956 , p. 244).

Five Elements outlined this emphasis on the different qualities of the Elements. Water is that quality in Nature which we describe as soaking and descending. Fire which we describe as blazing and uprising. Wood which permits of curved surfaces or straight edges. Metal which can follow the form of a mould and then becomes hard. Earth which permits of sowing, growth and reaping. (Shu Ching, –4th century; quoted