Drone uses

  1. Rescue
  2. Marketing
  3. Film making
  4. Fire Fighting
  5. Site surveying
  6. Parcel Deliveries
  7. Imaging structures
  8. Precision agriculture
  9. Family Fun Occasions
  10. Lighting Concert Shows
  11. Counting Stockpiles
  12. Search and rescue
  13. Weather patterns
  14. Environmental
  15. Conservation
  16. Insurance
  17. Policing
  18. Sports
  • Surveying factory buildings and industrial chimneys
  • Detailed close up inspections of telecom masts
  • Checking fences and agricultural buildings
  • Maintenance of road and rail structures
  • Road and highway building projects
  • Major railway building works
  • Laying of pipelines

Drones Used For Marketing

Drone today have GPS, the best stabilization and also 4k cameras.  They film and photograph perfectly which is exactly what you need for marketing videos and brochures. Here is some of the best usage of drones in the marketing sector.

  • Drone tourism videos promoting top national parks and reserves
  • Resort and hotel promotional videos and stills for brochures
  • Overhead videos of homes and properties to assist sales
  • Natural wonders and UNESCO site documentaries
  • Event videos of gardens, shows and concerts
  • Sales Of Automobiles with aerial videos
  • Very recently drones dropped lifebuoys to swimmers who were in trouble
  • Life Guards use drones over beaches keeping an eye on swimmers and watching out for sharks
  • Finding missing persons.  Neighbors and communities have found missing persons using drones
  • Search and Rescue teams (SAR) fly drones with cameras and thermal sensors to find hikers and mountaineers in trouble
  • Police, Fire Crew and Rescue teams use drones with thermal vision cameras to find missing persons at night or in burning buildings
  • Disaster regions use drones to get an overall picture of the extent of damage to property, infrastructure, telecoms find people and help with decision to allocate resources
  • Deicing wind turbines
  • Delivery parcel
  • Imaging 3D model structures archeology

Drones Used For Search and Rescue (SAR)

Drones are perfect to be used in all types of search and rescue such as;

  • Finding missing persons
  • Avalanche watch on ski slopes
  • Surveying parks and knowing where hikers are located
  • Searching and surveying disaster zones after earthquakes, flooding and hurricanes
  • Fire departments are using drones to fly over burning building to see the full extent of the fire
  • Thermals cameras on drones can be used to see the temperature a fire is generating even when it looks out
  • Drones using thermal cameras can be used during the night to find missing persons and also work in disaster zones

Drones Used For Conservation And Environment

Drone Uses In Conservation And EnvironmentDrones and it’s sensor data driven technology have a wide range of conservation and environmental protection applications. From glacial feature modeling and erosion monitoring to animal counting and species identification, the list of projects which drones are being used for is long and continues to grow.

There are many reasons why professionals such as environmental engineers and scientific researchers are increasingly using drones. The benefits to using drones in environmental and conservation projects is many.  Here is just a few of the types of conservation and environmental projects were drones are being used;

Animal Management & Conservation

  • Nest surveys
  • Migration tracking
  • Habitat management
  • Species identification
  • Perimeter assessment
  • Animal/flock counting
  • Camera trap image retrieval
  • Vessel monitoring (e.g. whaling ships)
  • Anti-poaching activities (identification, deterrence)
  • Animal tracking (e.g. via radio tracker collars/triangulation)

Plant Conservation

  • Soil property & moisture analysis
  • Growth/coverage monitoring
  • Plant health/stress analysis
  • Species identification
  • Biomass estimation
  • Plant/tree counting

Forestry Conservation

  • Forest mapping
  • Biomass estimation
  • Fire detection & tracking
  • Vegetation health analysis
  • Storm damage assessment
  • Planting / re-planting campaign planning
  • Deforestation / illegal logging / farming / incursion monitoring

Change Monitoring

  • Pre and post comparisons of storms and landslides
  • Monitoring coastal and  soil erosion
  • Forest degradation
  • Glacial dynamics

Terrain Modeling

  • Volcano craters
  • Glacial features
  • River banks
  • Morphology
  • Cliff faces
  • Beaches

Coastal Management

  • Volume estimation
  • Erosion monitoring
  • Storm damage assessment
  • Beach replenishment planning

River & flood assessment

  • Aerial assessment of flood damage
  • River mapping & modeling
  • Flood defense planning
  • Water-flow simulation
  • Erosion monitoring
  • River surveys

Earthwork And Rock Face Management

  • 3D modeling
  • Control screen inspection
  • Crack / unstable area detection
  • Rock fall assessment
  • Project planning

Regulation Enforcement

  • Illegal activity detection & monitoring
  • Compliance monitoring (e.g. over fishing, illegal logging and entry into protected areas etc.)


multispectral sensing for golf course vitality

Family occassions

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